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Tuesday, 1 August 2017


Hey , fellas i am up with my new blog post. In this i will be mentioning the detox drinks i have been using to shed weight. Detox Drinks are for cleansing and weight loss. They are really good. They help you to feel fresh. They even build your immune system. I drink these drinks at times when i feel bloated. As this gives your digestive system a well deserved break.Basically,DETOX DRINKS provides immense health benefits.These are the drinks i usually have and they give good results too. 
  •  Lemon Water - This is the basic drink i have early in the morning. This helps to build the metabolism.It takes a while to make this. All you have to do is semi boil a cup of water. Pour it in a glass. Add a half of alemon juice and then add a half spoon of honey to it. And your drink is ready. 
  • Green Tea  - This is a must have drink if you are trying to shed weight or you are trying to be fit. You should have this drink most frequent. I have it after half an hour of every meal. This helps to burn extra calories. To  make this drink all you have to do is boil some water and add the greenteabag in the boiled water. Dip it several times and then have it by sipping it slowly. 
  • Ginger Tea -  I have it days wise. As i have skin allergies and ginger is problematic for me. But if you don't have any allergy to ginger then you can have it on a daily basis. This helps to burn extra calories when you workout so you can have this before gym too or you can have this before sleeping. All you have to do is boils some water add some ginger paste. let it cool for sometime then add honey to it. And have this to feel lighten. 
  •  Orange Juice , Pineapple juice -  Juices are full of Vitamin A and C. It Detoxifies your body and prevent you from cancer. You can have pineapple juice too frequent to shed weight. 
     # WATER - This is a MUST have thing. You should atleast consume 4-5 ltrs of water daily. This helps in shedding weight and also helps you to shine bright. This helps you to stay fit and fine. 
    I hope this will help you alot. Next blog will be up supersoon. Till then stay tuned and updated. Feedback appericiated.


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