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Hey, I am Alisha Sindhwani. Infact Confident Alisha Sindhwani. Earlier , i used to be demotivated, Chubby and Fat kid. I never felt good about my body and lacked confidence. I had insecurities related to my looks, size and weight. Though it should not be the case. Being Fat is not a Shame You should Love your Body the way it is. However to overcome my insecurities i started working out. As soon as i saw the results it becomes my obsession. And due to my Fitness and Gymming Obsession i got into this blogging thing. 
So, People I ALISHA SINDHWANI is there to help you to solve your weight related issues. I run a page called " FITNESS ON FIRE " in this you will get every important information related to Body Building, Health Hacks, Healthy meals, Diet Schedule, Workout Tips etc. 
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