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Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Kill them with legs workout

Hey guys i am back with the blog that might help you kill the boys with your sexc legs. So without wasting anytime let's get started. In my Earlier Blog i told you people one of the schedule that i have been following for a while. So , let's start with that schedule only.
Legs - The first exercise which is a must is SQUATS. This is the full body fitness exercise. This exercise basically works on your lower part. It covers Glutes as well as Hamstrings. These basically strengthens the core.
How to do a squat ?
A. You should stand with the feet wider than your shoulder and your hands straight.
B. Push yourself down with your back straight and your hands straight.

Leg Extension - Second exercise of legs workout is leg extension. In this exercise keep you back straight and keep your hands on your right side handles of the machine. Push your legs up with the force and then pull your legs down after some seconds. This is how you do leg extension. 

Barbell Lunges - Third exercise of legs workout is barbell lunges. In this exercise firstly you  have to stand straight and then one leg is positioned forward with your knee bent , back straight , foot flat on the ground and other leg is positioned backward. 

Standing Calf Raises Fourth exercise of legs workout is calf raises. You can do it either of the ways. You can do it by standing on your legs and try to pull your feet up. or you can do it by siting on a stool with some weights on your lap and raise you feet upwards then push back your feet on ground. This is the most easiest exercise of all mentioned above. This exercise basically focuses on your calfs and build your muscle stronger. 

Straight Leg Dead Lifts - This is the most important exercise that covers your hamstring. In this you have to stand with shoulder width on a platform with feet flat. Then bend your knees with your back straight till the ground surface then lift your body to the standing position. Try it with the minimum weight and you must take the precautions before lifting heavy weights. 

So , these are the basic exercises which i prefer do in my legs workout. And this will help you build your stamina and muscles as well. Take care of the diet as well while following this schedule. you must increase your protein intake while doing weight lifting. Do mention your query in the comment section below or you can mail me the query related to fitness and bodybuilding.
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Stay fit and happy. See you with the next blog super soon. :) 


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