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Friday, 16 June 2017

Fitness Apps

So, i am back with another blog. In this blog i will be mentioning the fitness applications i use to keep a check on my diet and workout schedule. I have downloaded these applications from PLAY STORE. These applications really helped me a lot. And the best part about these applications are that they are easy to use and are affordable.

HealthifyMe Weight Loss Coach - This is by far the best application i have ever used. This App gives you access to largest Calorie Counter. Working of HealthifyMe is better among other apps. In this you can set your goals weather to loose weight , gain weight or to get fit. To get fit keeping an eye on the macros is a must. So, this helps you in counting what you ate in a whole day. It counts the calories intake basically. This provides you the databases of all the items. All you have to do is just click on the food you ate for your breakfast, lunch and dinner. And it will give you the whole idea of calories you had in the prior day. 
Benifits of using this app -
#Calorie Counter of food
#Glasses consumed of water 
#Exercise calories burnt 
#IfconnectedwithFITBIT(pedometer)then it tells you the no. of steps you walked in a day. 
You can easily get this application in your playstore. Download it ASAP and live the healthier life.

Nike+Run Club - This is the another application i use to count the miles i run per day. This application is very helpful and is a motivational tool. This is the best running application. This application  has some really nice features and it allows you to keep an eye on the calories you burn. 

FitBit - This application helps people to lead healthier, more active lives. This is the best application that tells you about the no. of hours you slept. As this counts the no. of steps you walked per day, miles you runned per day according to your target. These physical exercises helps you to take sound sleep. This helps you to achieve your goals. 

#So, these are the application i use to keep myself fit and happy. which applications do you people use? Do comment below. 

P.s - I hope you people liked my last blog. Do share this with other people. You never know who might get inspired from my story. 


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